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Signs of abusive personality

This is a post from a friend.

I think it is important for us all to know these signs before we become victims.

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The Hustle is Real! Quote


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10 Oxymorons That I Find Silly

Something for the weekend

Stats madness

I keep wondering what are the worries of those who have? I stare at my stats page more than I have to, will I be doing the same if I had a following which is a hundred times larger? I guess by that time I will have other things to worry about. Today I want to share how I feel about the numbers and use this post as a measuring stick in the coming days. Continue reading “Stats madness”

we write with or without a read

As promised, I liked this post and it is about time I reblog it


we write..just as we speak..only words are silent until literate eyes read..and the message is registered in the mind..questioned or left untouched..just as throwing a stone in bottomless know it was has a weight..yet never know what it touched as it dropped..has it landed or still moving with gravity..endlessly..forever…when someone feels or clicks on like..leave a comment or follow us…we know it has come in contact with another mind…another soul..another heart…

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The Best out of me

In response to the post “THE BEST WE CAN DO?

I read that post (I advise you to do the same) and was moved by it. The words are common like always and we are used to hear the same stories but we do not act on them. The post is about doing our best every single time we do something not just when we are faced with tasks that we consider important. The author explains how important it is to form the habit by repetition and making sure that you are wired to do good. Continue reading “The Best out of me”

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