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Random Sunday

53 to 33 am I socially retarded?

Have you ever heard of something called Klout?

According to Wikipedia; Continue reading “53 to 33 am I socially retarded?”


A thread post; Ask a question

Hello everyone!
I hereby invite you in this thread post to post anything you feel like posting, it can be a link to your blog, a question, an invitation, a nomination, whatever you can think of.
This is not a formal interview or a blog meet up, I just thought of having a dedicated post for interaction with you all. I got this idea after thinking about problems people face with informing someone that you have nominated for an award in a post that have nothing to do with that. In some other cases people can have just a random question but will hesitate and wait for the right time to ask.

You are all invited!

Is it a Bad Religion?

Google is a good resource but today I need to voice my opinion, not influenced by Wikipedia or any other source. Actually I might need a dictionary to look up the meaning of religion, not that I do not know what it is but just to see what that word was supposed to mean. I have eyes and ears, no matter how low my IQ is some things are too obvious. Continue reading “Is it a Bad Religion?”

How Social am I?

image When I first used twitter counter website I was ranked 1,768,342. Haha, something like that I don’t remember the exact figure. This is Sunday (Holiday = Sunday), to me that means a personal post which can be about anything so today I want to post about my wishes. Actually it is just one of my wishes. Continue reading “How Social am I?”

This is from me

Happy Easter

Signed by


Sunday Quote


Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.
~ Sam Levenson

About me: Taking you to church

It was Monday late afternoon in one of those years in the eighties when a child was born. Five years apart with the last one, he the last one from his mother’s womb came unexpectedly. The family was happy to have a new member, they were filled with joy and hope that this child must have come with blessings to the family. He thinks the same. Continue reading “About me: Taking you to church”

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