About Me

Coding for fun!

Since I was introduced to VB6 I fell in love with programming, it was love at first sight and a perfect refuge from C language. Fast forward to VB.Net, MS Access, SQL Server and right to PHP/MySQL.

From that background I was a little hesitant of using the so called CMSs but the buzz was too loud and I just couldn’t resist all this. So here I am as a third grader learning WordPress from the ground hoping to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Let’s have fun together as I will be sharing my adventures in this new world.


Hey I’m not that nerdy!!!!!!!!!!!

I love music, the louder the better, Chelsea fan who watches series, I love humanity and respect everyone.

A last born from a loving family who is someone’s father and another’s lover.

Let us connect!


37 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Howdy Mboki_m,

    Looks like you’re off and running. Nice photo on header.

    Personally, I don’t do “tweets”, or any of that social media stuff. As far I’m concerned, it’s all about tracking the user. But, whatever! Blogging is not “tweeting”. Nor is it a diary, really. Although plenty use it like that. I’m not too interested in another’s life. Just the real nitty gritty, of what motivates, etc.

    Just don’t expect anything like social media from this end. Here to stay? Maybe? Do not make promises that are hard to keep. One day at a time.

    Good luck with it all!
    Cheers Jamie.
    BTW follow a good team like Arsenal and remember, there’s always another game.

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    1. Thank you for your good advice excluding the Arsenal comment….
      I get your about ‘blog is not tweeting’ but from my position the only place I have been able to communicate with the internet world is Twitter so I guess I am guilty as charged.
      With time I will understand the blogging better I am ready to make those mistakes which from them I will learn and be a better blogger. I hope to consistently be here because this is my class and when I graduate I want to give back by guiding others.

      Thank you!

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      1. Right on. Without other teams there is no contest. … I was just poking a little.

        Yes, blogging is different because it allows the blogger to really get on a subject. It does not require 145 words or less. Though I find posts that require a lot of scrolling, among least of my faves.

        Once more “good luck” and I hope you achieve your goals,
        Best wishes, Cheers, Jamie.

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  2. Congratulations on the journey that you have started.
    I may not understand much but i must admit that i am very impressed and will always be looking foward to read sommething from you.
    So pleasse keep writting keep learning and keep guiding us from the knowledge that you have acquired.

    All the way past the skies Mboki.
    All the best

    Hannah JM

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  3. Hey Mboki,
    I wish you much success. Like you I was hesitant to make the move to CMS. But since I’ve started with WordPress, I cant imagine going any other route. I wish you continued success, and I’ll definitely stay in touch on Twitter.

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  4. Hey M, I don’t know if they date these or what. I am glad to see you out there on the web. I only met you a couple of weeks ago, and now I can’t move through the cyber-streets without catching glimpses of you. Keep being there my friend, and thank you for that friendship.

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  5. Short and well-written! Now, your about page is really something. You’ve got a niche and you have just shared in an interesting kind of way why you are credible to blog about this topic. It’s really good. I should practice writing shorter posts effectively, just like you do. 🙂

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  6. I loved reading what you have to say and so respect you even doing it. I have some idea what it means to write. I got grade 8 which in Canada is public school, I didn’t go to high school. I did my learning in the world. Keep writing.

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    1. Thank you Louise!
      Schools only teaches how to learn, knowledge can be found in everything. Just by being we still learn a lot about humanity and other stuff. I will make sure I read all your posts to understand your situation well.
      Thank you for connecting.

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  7. Hi Mboki (hope I am right in calling you this) I continue to be inspired by you and knowing there are good people out their inspired to do good, be good and pass on the goodness.
    I am trying to improve my blog but am stuck with certain things like – can I correct things like spelling mistakes (that I clearly don’t catch it time (dyslexia) and things like the categories and tagging that I didn’t think too much about in the beginning but would like to correct. Can I do any of that without having to repost and having everyone burdened with that.
    I have noticed vis-a-vis ‘style’ mine seems to be different than most peoples. I am ok with that but probably will continue to check out new styles but I appreciate your blogs about this issue too.


    1. You called me like you know me, that is how they call me 🙂
      You can edit any post that you have already published, just go to your posts, choose the one you want, click edit and when you finish just click update.
      I have no problem with your writing style, I think what is important is for your to voice your opinion. You can change your style when you feel like people are not getting your message

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    1. Thank you Matt from bringing me back here!
      I am alright thank you, I have not written recently due to several factors but I hope this will help to motivate me to write.
      Have a good day!

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