Let me be truthful to you my dear, the first time I was in here you were the last on my mind, I never knew you existed. I came here to learn the nitty-gritty and few tricks, that was the real reason that brought me here.

Now I am stuck, I feel indebted because of you. You gave me so much that I know not what to give back. I found everything in you, rage, solace, peace, heart break, harmony, sadness, love, humor, everything. What did I do with it all? Stayed away, just peeked in a few times to see who is there and who is not.

A friend is now lost, not one they are quite a few. I keep waiting for another new post, hoping to see a familiar face but you keep giving some new precious pieces. I know this is your plan to punish my absence for me to do it all over again, I promise not to promise again.

You are still irresistible to me that is why I am hear my WordPress Reader.