Hello everyone!

I want to invite you all in a biggest event I have ever hosted in my life. 69 of you guys are invited from all over the world and there will be more invitees so do not feel left out. Previously I tried to do this unfortunately it was not so successful but this time I have high hopes. If you can not wait just head to Bloggers meet up on twitter and subscribe.

What is a Twitter List?

In twitter we have a Time Line (TL), this is where all the tweets of those you follow are streamed. If you happen to follow a lot of people like I do it is so difficult to keep up, take your WordPress Reader as an example. In order to view tweets from a specific person you have to find them and view their profiles, that way you will only see their tweets. But what if you want to view tweets from your favorite bloggers, maybe there are five blogs you regularly follow. Now this is when you need a list. A list is a group/category of twitter users

  • You can create or subscribe to a list
  • You can add any twitter user to the list, you do not have to follow them
  • You can only view tweets from the list, you can not send a tweet to the group/list members only

Here is a good guide about Twitter List

Bloggers meet up

This is a Twitter List with 70 bloggers, it is very likely you are among them so check here and subscribe, if you are not in the list just leave a comment with your twitter handle. I really advice you to subscribe because you will have a chance to read thoughts of those who blog like you, follow their blog post they post and very likely they will be tweeting something related to blogging and writing. This is going to be a very useful resource.

I also encourage you WordPress bloggers to participate in #SundayBlogshare and #MondayBlogs by using those twitter tags in respective days. This is like using tags in your post, I hope this group will come up with a special hashtag on twitter as a way to identify ourselves and support each other.

You can find me on twitter @mboki_m and follow me and do not forget to subscribe to our list here

Unity is strength people, take a moment to favorite and RT your fellow bloggers’ tweets