Hello everyone! I am back again with the 110 Blogs series and this time we are going to look at one of the very important part of our blogs which is the theme. With the sample of 110 blogs I have observed, all I can say is the result to me was very interesting.

What I want to mention before I share my observation is, the issue of selecting theme is very much a personal taste. Some choose the theme that goes with the blog ‘theme’, others just choose what looks good to the eye and the others will look for a theme which is not commonly used. Whatever the reason just understand that a wrong theme might be undermining your content, I expect a blog about photography to have a theme which is made for that.


  • To my amazement in a all  the blogs I surveyed a solid majority of 81%, each had a different theme. This was very surprising to me because every single day I see a lot of blogs with similar themes. Realistically speaking there are a lot of blogs and websites which uses these themes but what can be seen here is that many bloggers do their best to differentiate themselves from others. I do not know how people will regard your blog if you have the same theme as the most popular blog, it is not a crime though.
  • THE SELA theme was the most used with 6% usage. This is one of the popular themes in WordPress but it is not even in the top 100. The Penscratch theme was right behind with 5% and this is more popular generally than the former.
  • The famous default themes from WordPress were not far behind with Twenty Fifteen leading the pack at 5%, Twenty Twelve and Twenty Fourteen each with 4%
  • The Penscratch theme
    The Penscratch theme

From these observations I am thinking about focusing more on this topic, I just wanted a simple analysis but in this case I think the sample was too small to conclude anything.

Apart from that I  would like to insist that do not hesitate to change the theme if you feel like the one you have does not fit what you want to present to us. It can also help to vitalize your mood and passion for writing as you will feel like you have a brand new blog.

Finding a perfect theme

  1. Go to theme.wordpress.com
  2. Click Find a theme
  3. Using Filters choose, color, layout or features you want
  4. Alternately you can enter the name of the theme you want
  5. 110theme2
  6. If you want to see how popular your theme is, search it (as shown above) then click on it
  7. You will see Stats and Info 110theme3