It is about life. It is always about you, your ambitions, your decisions, your taste, your perspective, etc. It is never about money, job, hardships, it is never about blogging.

I have been having difficulties with internet connectivity since Easter, this has affected my activities in here. Whenever I face any obstacle I ask myself if there is any way around it, I believe in fixing the problem rather than the blame.

Here I am using WordPress app which is less than ideal but way better than nothing. I am thankful that I got an alternative otherwise it would have cost me a lot especially on my morale.

Internet is so demanding these days with social media being so greedy feeding on our thoughts, our emotions, events and everything else. Imagine how it will be without harsh reality or any other interesting blog you follow. These blogs are where they are because of the people behind the blogs.

How demanding is it to run a popular blog, we don’t have an idea how much pressure we put onto these people because of our expectations. This is not easy, the assumption is that they do what they love so everything goes smooth. What about the hate and envy they have to deal with?

You already have a blog with a master plan in your head, a calendar for posting, a lot of drafts ready to be shared to the world but does it end there? I guess not.

We all have a reason to blog even if we can not state it or use the same words when asked several times why we blog. Success is something that everyone has a different gauge to measure it, we all need to be successful in our own ways. Just don’t shift the goal post so that you can score.

I personally do not believe in successful bloggers, it does not sound right to me. I can agree with successful writers but not bloggers. My point is, in blogging the success depends so much on other attributes. A successful comedian, actor, author, doctor, psychologist, footballer, economist, and the list goes on, they can all be successful at blogging.

You need to know how to write, know something to write about, know how to sell your content, know how to command attention to make people interested with your blog. I will always respect anyone who has made it as a blogger because it comes down to a lot of things to earn a success label.

I have mentioned above that success is not what others see, it is how you feel about your achievements. I encourage you to aim for success no matter how you define it, just remember those who are regarded successful had more than talent or capital.

Writing is an art and every kind of art needs an audience, write for you but don’t forget about us your audience. It is never about blogging!