Putting myself in someone else’s shoes I would not like to see changes every now and then from the blog that I follow. After saying that I am sorry if these changes annoy anyone because to me they are necessary. I am here to tap knowledge about the WordPress world, I learn about technical stuff, good habits, writing, communicating and a lot about life in general. As someone who follows your blog I feel responsible to solve any technical issue you might face here because that is one of the things I can offer apart from my opinion.

My blog name explains this. I am here to learn so I will do what is necessary in order for you notΒ to pass through all the troubles that I am going through right now. In WordPress a theme is the skeleton of your blog, the foundation. Two different themes can have a very different look and functionality, this forces me to change them every now and then (every 2 weeks) so I can understand the ins and outs for each kind.

So here I am with a different look!

My first header πŸ™‚