Hello there, thank you for taking your time visiting this blog. From yesterday I have started writing about the findings of my research which I did here at WordPress surveying 110 blogs. The topic yesterday was about usage of social media and twitter being a case study, we learnt that 70% share their posts on twitter.

Today we will look at domain names.

In a sample of 110 blogs I surveyed only 31 have their custom domain names, that is 28%. In that group only 3 blogs are less than three months old. What is clear is very few decide to have their custom domain names from the beginning.


I will post another time in details the importance of having a custom domain but for now I encourage everyone who knows why he/she started blogging and can afford, just have that domain. You don’t want to change your name when everybody knows you, even if the old URL will redirect to the new one it will still cost you.

If you are selling something or you have a blog for your brand or company having your domain name is a must. It won’t sound professional at all if you use a free domain to advertise your business.  For us who have personal blogs you need to be sure where you are heading with your blog if it will remain personal then I see no reason to pay a dime.

Back to the numbers. I am talking to 78% here, if you have a free domain and free hosting make sure you know what limitations are there and how to overcome them. From September 2014 the services like custom design and no adds have been integrated into premium membership, they are no longer available as lone services.

Happy blogging!