Remember the Pareto principle? I don’t know how many times I have heard of that 80 – 20 rule, it is applied everywhere these days. Have you asked yourself how many of your followers gives your blog life, how many of them gets you going?

I have been researching on the blogs that follow me these past few days and have learned a few things, I will be sharing with you the findings. Let me give you a taste of it today.

In 100 blogs that follow me 70 of them have twitter accounts connected with them. This means 70% of the bloggers in WordPress share their content on twitter, that is a large number. I know my sample is small but I want you to think about that number.

Are you among the 70 or 30?
Did you know that a lot of your fellow bloggers are on twitter?
How many of your fellow bloggers do you follow on other social media platforms?

I want to encourage you to take advantage of these numbers and use them to your advantage. There are 100 million daily active users on twitter, build connections to reach these people. We already support each other here at WordPress now it is time to get our works to the larger audience.

Stay tuned for more.