image When I first used twitter counter website I was ranked 1,768,342. Haha, something like that I don’t remember the exact figure. This is Sunday (Holiday = Sunday), to me that means a personal post which can be about anything so today I want to post about my wishes. Actually it is just one of my wishes.

When I first saw my ranking on twitter my wish was to be in the top 1 M, I thought that being one of a million people in the world in any category is something special. In a population of 7 B individuals that is really something. I achieved my goal in just one month. What was I thinking? How can I achieve something in just a month,Ā  I need to be a visionary and see further than I am seeing right now.

My goal now is to be in the top 100,000, I am sure this one will take time and a lot of energy/dedication, it is achievable though. I am not that social in real life, I drink occasionally,Ā  Clubbing a bit, got to the movies etc, being in a top 100 K of twitter users will be like an iron stamp validating my social status. By the way I am planning to see that part 7 of that movie, have you seen it? No spoilers please.

@mboki_m is my twitter handle, you following me is more important to me than me following you, so please just follow me. Lol, I am loving this. This post was written using android app, if it came out OK then kudos to them. If the formatting is messed up the excuse the author.

We only live once, enjoy!