Something in common?

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

How come I ended up as a follwer of your blogs?

1. You found my blog and liked one post or two.

When you like one of my posts and push like button I get a message about that in my wp app.

In the notice department it is very easy to push follow button. I do that often, because then your posts will show up in my reader.

2. The same goes for when you’ve decided to follow my blog. I follow your blog if I can.

3. I tag search blogs sometimes and I’ve might have found your blog that way. Art tagged blogs often captures my interest.

4. I visit your blogs and among the comments I might have found new interesting blogs.

5. When I push like button on comments in your posts your followers sometimes find me and we’re back at the 1.

This is…

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