Another good day today, so far I have no complaint about April. Widget again, what else is there to talk about? They only way our free hosted blogs can have a professional or good look is by making the most of the widgets. When we have explored everything it will be the right time to upgrade, to tell you the truth plugins are the real deal.

If you can not differentiate between a widget and a plugin just be patient because that is a likely topic in the pipeline. Back to the topic we have BLOG STATS widget in WordPress which gives the number of hits for your blog, the thing is the look might not be so appealing to you.

Task: Creating a Custom Stats Widget

  • Go to the website called hit web counter and choose the kind of counter you want. I used this website for this example but you can google for others which offer the same service.
Select the one that suits you
  • Choose the type of counter, Page views or Unique visitors

Page viewsUnique Visitors

  • When you fill the required details click the get your counter code button.
  • You will get the html code require for the counter.
Code for the counter
  •  Now it is time to go back to your dashboard (urblog.wpdotcom/wp-admin), go to appearance then customize
  • Click Widgets then choose where you want to put your widgets, sidebar or footer
  • Add widget by selecting text widget
text widget
Adding a new text widget
  • Write the title of your widget then go back to the counter website, copy the code and paste it here in the text widget
Text Widget
Paste the code here
  • Remember to set the visibility in order for the widget to be seen only where you want it
  • Here is the tutorial on Widget Visibility
  • Click Save & Publish
  • Your widget is done!
Final Results!

My two counters one for number of views (hits) and the other for visitor count, two different simple widgets.

That will be all for today, thank you!