Have you tried the Flag counter? If not then you can check this out and try it. That was what my previous post was about, making the most of my favorite widget called Text widget. Today we move to another one which is image widget, I guess it makes sense since we just covered the one about text so let us move on to the image.

Using image widget is a bit tricky so I would like to share the steps I followed to create my widget.

  1. Find the image you want to use in your widget and upload the image in your media library. I advice to open your editor as you are creating a new post then upload media to insert into to the post.
  2. Click on the image you inserted and edit to open this window Edit image
  3. Copy the URL of the image, as shown here the link is highlighted.
  4. Now close the editor and go to your dashboard and select customize.
  5. In customizer click widgets then choose add widget, select image.
  6. Image widgetFill the widget tittle and then paste the image URL you copied previously.
  7. The image below shows the fields you will require to fill.
  8. As the image shows in the link URL I have put the link to my About me page, here you can write the address to any page you wish.
  9. Now this is the result Image widget