For  you who have WordPress premium account or you self host, the Flag counter plugin will be the right thing you need. You can get it here Flag counter.

Now let me get back to us.

If you can not install a plugin like me just because of your account restrictions,  this time we have a way around this. The flag counter is a widget which shows the number of visitors from different countries or cities. I remember someone asked me about this, I am sorry to take this long to answer you.

Task: Adding a Flag Counter widget

Flag counter

  • When you finish customizing click GET YOUR FLAG COUNTER
  • You will have two HTML codes, one for website and one for forums, copy the code for website
  • In your wordpress site got to customize then widgets
  • Choose appropriate widgets whether it’s sidebar or footer then click add widget
  • Select Text widget, write the title for your widget and then paste the code in text area
  • Set the visibility to choose where and when your widget will be displayed
  • Save and Publish
Flag counter
My little flag counter widget

Now if you happen to see Margaret tell her to visit here and take her flag counter.

Thank you all!