I hope you are all well my dear readers. I want to share with you the process of creating a Facebook page for your lovely blog, I guess by now you already know how I value content sharing in social media. I usually share my posts on twitter and Google+ and today I decided to add another platform.

Task: Create a Facebook page

Assumption: You have a Facebook account and you are comfortable navigating through it 

  • When you open FB on the left of your timeline find the title PAGES and click create page below it. OR write this URL on your browser address bar https://www.facebook.com/pages/create
  • Choose Brand or Product (this is the right classification for our case)
  • Choose Website as category then enter name of your brand (blog name or the name you prefer) and click get started
  • Write a bio for your page and add a link to your blog, click save info
  • Finish setting up your page adding profile picture, cover image and other settings.
  • When done make sure you go to settings and change Posting ability to disable others to post on your page


Your page is ready, now take your time to do all the required settings, invite your friends to like your page and start posting.

Task 2: Share your WordPress content to your newly created page.

  • In WordPress click My Site then in configuration click sharing (https://wordpress.com/sharing)
  • Click Connect on the Facebook tab
  • You will be required to confirm allowing WordPress to access you profile
  • Next you need to allow WordPress to access the pages you manage
  • Then you will have to choose where you want the posts to be shared, your profile or your page



Now if all went well you will be having something like this one Facebook page.

I invite you all to like and visit my page which is an extension to this blog, thank you.