One thing I like about WordPress dot com is the certainty of having new bloggers everyday. Me being one of those who was doing it for the first time I felt I need to do my best to help others who will come to pass on the same road. This blog is for those who need to learn a thing or two about WordPress either the everyday usage stuff or more technical things.

Now if you are new here I wish to tell you what I did when I started my first blog two months ago.

  • I just started;

Truth be told I was not very sure what I wanted to do with this blog, my plan was to download the WordPress software and install it in my PC. I wish I could have paid for a hosting plan and a domain but I was not so sure if I was ready for that investment at the time. The idea of having a blog with free hosting came up.

It was not as I imagined because I realized I could not do a lot of things which I had access to in my local WordPress site, this gave me the opportunity to have something to write about because I will be having the experience from both sides, the .com and .org (I am talking about WordPress).

  • More reading than writing;

I realized I need to learn a lot from those who have been here so I spent more time reading others’ posts and finding the right blogs to follow. I think this is one of the most important thing for a beginner, find someone who inspires you.

I was lucky to have OM as my first follower and Renard Moreau as the first to like and comment. If you do not know these people make sure you find them. They made it easy for me to start following the right people.

  • Hope for the best and expect the worst;

Whatever reason made you start a blog if it is your first blog stop expecting too much. When I started I was humble (I hope I still am) and proud of every little achievement. One view was like a thousand to me and each comment and like I received I felt honored. This attitude helped me in the first days to avoid disappointments, you might find yourself with zero views for the whole day but feel proud of what you are doing you are already one step ahead.

This is how things were

my First week with WordPress
my First week with WordPress

I hope this information will be of help, no one will be a teacher to you because we might never understand what you bring into this blogosphere but we can help when you need a hand.

Happy blogging!