It was Monday late afternoon in one of those years in the eighties when a child was born. Five years apart with the last one, he the last one from his mother’s womb came unexpectedly. The family was happy to have a new member, they were filled with joy and hope that this child must have come with blessings to the family. He thinks the same.

I will say this a million times that my childhood had a very big impact on how my life turned out to be. Many of the things I believed as a small boy I still believe in them. In those early years of my life I had a chance to learn a lot about life. I was lucky to travel to different parts of our country, access to home library (this was/is not common  in my country), to live luxurious urban life and  to live a village life.

I still remember our family staying at the (3 or 4 star) hotel for several weeks and four years later I was walking bare foot to school. From living a happy life with my family I had to stay in the village at my uncle’s place when my father passed away and my mother was studying abroad. I had to adapt, I had to learn, I had to understand what were the things that mattered and I had to accept my new fate.

When I mention God in any of my writings try to understand why I am a believer. In whole of my life I have been through tough times where I was not in a position to do anything to change the situation but here I am on the other side, safe and sane.

I remember my first sweet victory to experience in my life was the national examination results of standard seven, I was the first in my class that year, I had the highest marks in my school and was ranked fifth in the region (county). What made this victory special was that before the exam I had my first fasting prayer praying specifically for this exam. I knew I was going to perform well but I believe God was showing me that with him I could achieve greater things.

We are talking about me as a 14 years old boy, there are a lot of things to learn going forward. Up to that point in my life I was happy and confident that everything is under control.  Little did I know….