I keep wondering what are the worries of those who have? I stare at my stats page more than I have to, will I be doing the same if I had a following which is a hundred times larger? I guess by that time I will have other things to worry about. Today I want to share how I feel about the numbers and use this post as a measuring stick in the coming days.

My blog is less than three months old although to me I feel like I have been here for like a year. There are things that are common to the newbies whether its first year in college, new employees or new bloggers. How many times do you stare at the stats page?

One of those days

What matters to me

  • Consistency; I don’t need to post everyday but one of the most important statistics to me is number of posts
  • Referrers; I really care to know where my readers came from, it is important for me to know if someone bothered to google about this blog or was referred from other blog.
  • Clicks; I also take note where readers prefer to go
  • Countries; I usually study the consistency of readers from certain areas, I need to understand the correlation between the topic and time I publish the post with the places my readers come from


  • Views
  • Comments
  • Likes

In that order. I usually get excited when the numbers go high but I understand that having a hundred views today then three views tomorrow will not do me any good. Numbers do not lie but we can influence them, this is the reason I do my best to ignore the numbers unless there is consistency.

My ideal day
My ideal day

So how about you, what matters most to you in that stats page?