We are very lucky as WordPress bloggers to have a large and engaging community which encourages many to start blogging, through my experience the honeymoon  for a beginner might end sooner than expected. This kind of support from fellow bloggers can be hard to find elsewhere especially for self hosted blogs which forces them to find ways to get their content to the world.

Having this advantage as a WordPress user does not mean you have no extra work to do, it is important to try to reach as many people as possible. In configuration settings you have been given the power to share your content in various social media platforms as shown here.


You can add as many accounts as you wish, just click connect, you will be asked to confirm if you allow WordPress to access your account. A yes means from now on every time you publish something you automatically share on all accounts you have connected.

You can edit how you want the message with a link to your post to appear by clicking on the SHARING and add a custom message. You can do this while typing your post on the editor, on the left  of your editor there will be different settings like featured image, sharing and others.


The image shows the message that will be posted to my twitter, I have added a hashtag as it can be seen above.

Next time we will see how to manage the sharing, the look of the buttons, arrangement and disabling likes and comments, thank you.