Today I want to mention something which might be of help if you never thought of it or you just did not care much. We often need to link our previous posts or sometimes an external link to acknowledge source or any other case. For a beginner you need to know first how to add a link into your post then do it the right way

Task: Adding a link

  • Highlight/select the text you want to put a link
  • In your toolbar click on a chain like icon to insert a link
  • link2
  • Paste or write the url for the page you want to link
  • If it is your previous post click Or link to existing content and choose from the list
  • Tick the box Open link in a new window/tab 
  • The previous point is important to make sure all links are opened in a new tab or window which helps to keep your reader. If you do not do this the link will open on the same window where people will be leaving your site to the one you have linked.

Adding a linkHappy blogging!