We have a lot of different platforms to connect with others, for many each one was started for special purpose targeting a specific group of people. My Facebook profile for example is personal, I have connected with people I know in real life, family, friends, colleagues, school and college mates. On twitter it’s a different case, my twitter handle is my international passport I can go anywhere with it.

Now that I am here with this blog making new connections and friends, I keep wondering how many more circles will I form and how am I going to manage all those circles? It is important to have some closed groups, we have lists on Twitter and circles on Google+ there is nothing wrong with that. I believe it is important to have a common group where you integrate different groups from different platforms forming a larger and strong network.

As bloggers we always have something to share and it is important for us to reach more people. We know there are millions of blogs out there, everyday there are new bloggers and it becomes harder to get the attention of people to read your material. We need to remember one thing, we are people living in the community, we have families, friends and many people who know us. If that is not the case for you I still believe you have some kind of connections with a certain kind of family whether it is an alumni group or Facebook group.

What I encourage is making the most of what we have, I have 90 followers and from them five are more consistent in visiting, liking and commenting. From this group of five I have a greater chance to reach more people by simple law of multiplication. If all these five people share my post on three different platforms I would be introduced to a larger new audience.

It is not as simple as I put it but we can begin from somewhere.

I have started a group on twitter (a list) My WordPress family with six members so far. My intention is to support others by re-tweeting their post hoping one of my followers (6000+) might become the new follower/reader. In order for this to work we have to be there for each other as the tweet which has more RTs and favorites will attract more people.

If you are interested please visit and subscribe

I only have six members in  that group all from wp.com family, we will definetely need more people to participate so please leave a link to your Twitter profile and i will add you. I advice others to do the same in other platforms they have more influence, I did this on twitter but you can do the same in FB or elsewhere.

The current members

  2. Rusty garner-smith
  3. thesimplebeginner
  4. Blog Of A Mad Black Woman
  5. The Vivid Expanse
  6. But I Smile Anyway…

Happy Blogging people.