1993 Jan 15th a woman named Nellie became a widow, I was eight years old. A last born who was in primary school standard two. My two sisters and two brothers were all students, no one had made it we were all dependents. My mother was away in her studies which she had to finish in the following year, it was hectic.

I am not in a position to tell the whole story because I was still young and the right person is the one who went through the pain and all troubles to make sure her family survives through all adversity. I remember the tears, the doubts and the courage in the first woman I loved, the one person I was ready to do anything for.

My journey from 1993 until I finished my first degree was 100% owed to the strength and direction provided by my hero who brought me into this world. It was never easy for me seeing every little trouble we faced as a family there was only one person who was responsible for solving it

I have never hit a woman and have so much respect for women because I have experienced myself how important these people are in this universe. I have seen and heard a lot of stories related to the wicked things done by women but because of what happened to me I believe there are reasons for all that.

We all have our stories and those stories are part of who we are, to me my mother gave me life by bringing me to this world and making sure that I survive. There are a lot of things I did not do because I could not afford to disappoint my mother, all the trouble she went through would have been for nothing if I ended up in jail or worse six feet down.

I love you my mother, you are the reason for my sanity and I thank you for what i have become. Happy mother’s day!!