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Wake Up Your Luck

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I am two people living in one body. Despite being one of the biggest cynics I know, I’m also a soppy romantic. That’s why, when I realise I’ve reached 25 and I’ve never been in love, I sometimes feel like I’ve lost out on something. (Simple fear of missing out, says my cynical side.)

I think about how I’m past the age for puppy love; how I never had a high-school sweetheart; how I’ve missed the chance at having young, pretty wedding photos; how I’ve never been loved and never loved in return boo hoo hoo, then I realised it was nonsense.

Sure, I’ve never had an epic romantic love, but there have been places I never wanted to leave, left behind in the desire to go home; experiences I enjoyed every second of, and others I appreciated more with hindsight; and at least five times…

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