It was January 13th when I had my first comeback, it might have been one of many. I had high hopes and expectations from that day until a week ago when my timetable was unjust to me. The resolutions are still there and I believe they are still relevant so it is up to me to keep up.

As required today is a second Friday and I did change my theme and some other few things. It is still a challenge finding a perfect theme and layout but I believe I will come across a right one made just for me, maybe it will be made by me. I encourage you to get used to changes until you get a reason not to.

Last week I was in a trip that kept me busy to the extent that I could not post anything, I did my best to read from others as a way to keep me near this place I love. I hope I have not lost any friends in a process, I will do my best to write more to compensate for the lost time.

See you!