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Badge - Learn WordPress with Lorelle VanFossen at WordPress School.It is time to begin to customize the design elements of your test site in Lorelle’s WordPress School free online course. We begin with the header art in the Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme.

When you set up your WordPress test site for this course, you were instructed to set the WordPress Theme to Twenty-Eleven as it serves as an excellent teaching Theme. It also puts all of the participating students on the same level and experience so we learn together before the WordPress Theme choices get in our way.

This assignment begins the process of customizing the site to make it uniquely your own beginning with the header image. On Friday, you will be styling the background image for the site.

Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme Header Art

The header art for the Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme recommends an image at least 1000 pixels wide, and suggests a height of 288 pixels.


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