Inspired by this story from a strong woman who stood for what is right and touches on the subject of dual citizenship

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I remember when I arrived in the UK on March 13th 2013 with my one-way ticket, after finally managing to get away from my abusive (ex) husband *Steve, I was asked to step aside with my then twelve week old son. Doing as I was asked, I pulled out documents they didn’t even request:

My birth certificate.

Max’s birth certificate.

My passport.

Max’s passport.

My medical records from the US.

Max’s medical records from the US.

My UK Driver’s Licence.

My US Driver’s Licence.

My Green Card.

I was then told it was a good thing I had brought all these documents to prove I was his mother! Anyway, what with all the criminals slipping into the UK on a regular (if not, daily) basis, they had a problem with me entering my country of origin with my son.

As I listened to all the foreign languages…

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