Are we F R I E N D S ?
I am sharing these scattered thoughts about friendship

Fellow Seeker

Recently I have been bogged down with the debris of burnt bridges. Text messages that have gone unanswered, unexpected encounters ripe with awkward tension, these interactions with ‘friends’ have formed a dark swirling cloud of resentment over my head.

I look forward to confrontation because usually within my life it brings resolution, or at least closure. But in this cyber day and age, when conflict amongst individuals arise, clicking a delete button too often suffices one’s need to feel that closure. For example, the majority of us take social media relationships WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. We use the “unfollow” button to decongest our newsfeed, sure, but sometimes we use it to symbolically tell friends “I don’t care about you, and I want you out of my life.” Once this is done, we convince ourselves that these people have been permanently eradicated from our lives. But they haven’t. They still exist. You’ll…

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