Let us finish this last part of the series. Did you miss the first and second parts? To me this is a trilogy but you can go through all three and decide for yourself if that is the case. Today we are going to look at a very basic thing which is email subscription and notifications.

Task I: Setting general email subscription/notifications

There are four options with email subscription

  1. Instant email delivery
  2. Daily email delivery
  3. Weekly email delivery
  4. No email delivery

To set the general setting of your notifications follow these simple steps

  • On your WordPress bar Click on your avatar and you will be directed to your profile page(or Click avatar and choose account settings)
  • When your profile page opens Click Notification as shown below

    Profile page
  • Now check the boxes to get email notifications when someone likes your comment or/and mentions you
  • On Subscriptions Delivery you will choose how you like to receive your email notifications by setting the Default Email Delivery

  • You can check other settings and set them as you wish

Task II: Setting subscription for specific blog

  • Go to the Reader and Click Edit on the Blogs I Follow
  • From the list of blogs choose the one you want to set the notification setting
  • At the end of the blog name click the word EDIT

    Single blog edit
  • Then choose if you want to receive posts or comments by emailemail_off

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading