Yesterday I had three titles to write about, this one being one of those. I am glad that I started with the topic which raised questions that this topic will answer.

We need to connect with bloggers that belong to other communities or are self hosted because in the end we are all in one big family. Thanks to Steve with his blog The Vivid Expanse and Margaret famously known for the Very Bangled for their comments which brought about this matter.

For a blog like mine which is hosted by WordPress we have a feeder/stream known as Reader, we get the chance to see works of our fellow bloggers where we can like a post, comment or follow a blog. This is a good feature but in a way it’s like we are fenced in, we only get to see what is inside. How about other blogs outside WordPress? Now we must understand WordPress allows us to follow other blogs but the process is not as simple.

Task: Following a non WordPress blog

  • follow_likeIf you have read a post from such a blog and at the end of the post you find the like button like the one on the left here, the first step is to like the post. Click Like
  • After clicking like you will see the like button changed to Liked and your avatar will be there with word ‘Follow this Blog?’
  • Now you can follow by clicking on those words and you will see the change follow_4as the image shows.

That is the first way, alternatively

  • In you Reader, click edit on the ‘Blogs I Follow’
  • followers_editThen you will have the list of all the blogs you follow. On top below the words ‘Edit Blogs | Follow‘ there is a place to write the URL of the blog you want to follow. So go to the blog you want to follow and copy the address from the address bar, paste as shown here belowfollow_2
  • Click Follow.

Mission accomplished, I hope this will help us connect with more bloggers although I should warn you the experience will be a bit different. You should make sure you visit the list of those you follow and click the blogs you need to get their updates, non WordPress blogs’ post might not be displayed on the Reader.

We will keep working on those challenges and share our experiences on how to overcome them. Happy blogging good people!