This is not twitter but we sure do love followers. In twitter world many view unfollowing them as an offence this is why there are many tools to detect unfollowers so that you can return the favor. I have never come across a tool like that for WordPress, maybe I haven’t been here long enough but I do not expect bloggers to care much about that. We all appreciate large following comments and likes but not to the extent of chasing followers.

Having said that I want to share with you how I wanted to know how many blogs am I following. I have realized that everyday I see the same blogs on my reader in the blogs I follow section so I wanted to know what is happening to others I followed. After a little searching I was lucky to find what I was looking for, this is when I realized I needed to do the unthinkable.

While it might not sound well with others I think it is important to have a reason to follow someone, there is nothing wrong with supporting a new blogger with a follow but they need more than that. Everyday I see posts with no comments, no likes and those who posted have a lot of followers. I prefer a comment or a conversation to a follow because through that a lot more people will get to know how I think and this will connect me with like minded people.

Not bad is it?
Not bad is it?

For those who blog for business purposes I have no problem with them, I can follow a thousand blogs if all they want is the numbers. The case is different for many of us who just share part of our lives to the world, we need support, compassion, recognition so that we can feel as part of this big family. We need to relate to someone or be of help, just like an ordinary person we want to be useful.

So if  you have a reason to unfollow someone here is how;

  1. unfollow1You can click on the name of the blog or avatar of author and you will be directed to the blog’s page. You will see the image as this one on the right showing that you are following that blog. When you click on that word Following you will unfollow the blog.
  2. followers_editThe other way is through the Reader. Click edit on the Blogs I Follow section. A list of all blogs you follow will be displayed with a total number of all blogs you follow.
  3. As the image below shows for every blog listed there is that x mark which you can click to unfollow.


Now you now how to do it, but do not say I made you do it 🙂

I really would love to hear from you so that I can understand how people really feel about this topic, would you rather have fewer active followers or a large number of ‘viewers’ followers?