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Hello my beloved readers. I would like us to discuss today how we value our freedom by looking at the limitations that comes with a free hosting and a free domain. They say there is no free lunch and I couldn’t agree more.

For many of us blog owners one of the motivating factors to have your own blog is knowing that you do not have to pay anything. The situation changes when you start getting used to real blogging and come to realize that you need to customize your blog to fit your growing audience. This is when it hits you how expensive this free service really is.

Now let me get one thing clear, it makes no sense for you to pay for something that can not benefit you in anyway. This is how we all start, just for fun. What about considering what will happen if you really gain a larger audience which will make you feel responsible to feed them with your powerful thoughts?

It is never a sin making money out of your hobbies, in this era of information you can actually make something out of your time without feeling used or pressured. With your own domain name you can attract more followers and if interested you can even register with Google Adds and earn something just by being a member of a world wide web.

You can upgrade your WordPress account and pay for your domain or you can find a cheaper plan from companies that are dedicated in these services and purchase domain name.

It is your time to experience like you first experienced having blog with your hello world post!. Just think this like this, as a tenant you can only re-arrange the furniture but as the landlord you can merge two rooms into one, it is time to own your domain purchase domains

for your total freedom.

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