More on the widgets I hope you are not bored with this topic, If there is one thing you need to learn everyday on technical side that will be widgets. I am talking to you my fellow WordPress bloggers especially the family, we really need these little powerful things to keep up with the web world.

Our focus will be on the visibility of our widgets. Let me use this blog as an example for us to understand better this concept.

My sidebar widgets

I have seven widgets on my sidebar and three more on the footer, 10 widgets? Sounds like a lot.

How many do you see when you visit this blog, how many can you see right now? It  is probably just four if you are reading this post through home page, all on the sidebar.

Maybe you can see six widgets, three on the sidebar and three on the footer. This is when you are on the post after clicking the link to the post.

Now it is clear that you did not see all ten widgets at one time and this is the point i want you to get, visibility allows us to decide when should the contents be seen. You have the power to set a condition that only if it is met then the widget can be visible.


These are the six conditions from which you can choose to set the visibility of you widget.

After clicking Visibility button you can pass through them one by one to learn what you can achieve with them.

If you do not know how to access the widgets please read my previous post here.

For example I have set visibility of all footer widgets to: Show if Page is About Me or Page is Post.

Visibility conditions
Visibility conditions

The ‘or’ is a concatenation keyword which combines two conditions which are

  1. Show if Page is About Me
  2. Show if Page is Post

My choice for this visibility is because on the home page there is a lot of scrolling so I preferred not to make widgets visible on the footer since not many viewers will tolerate scrolling to the end of the page. Now you can choose the condition which will suit you depend on your theme and style. Just remember you can have a lot of widgets even for each of your tags or categories.

Feel free to ask, I know it can be a little confusing sometimes to understand how this visibility property works. i would like to hear your views on this and your experience can help us to make the better use of widgets.

Thank you people!