Greetings to you my dear reader. Today I will be covering the widget which I consider as one of the most important known as My Community widget. This widget allows us to display those who interact with us through our blogs. The importance of this widget is first to show appreciation to your followers and on the other hand this will attract more following. It is easier for someone who follows one of your follows to follow you, it gives you reputation when people see what kind of support you have.

Task: Add a Community widget

Go to customize and click widgets >>

According to your theme you will choose if that widget will be on the sidebar or footer.>>

Clickk Add a widget and choose My Community widget as shown above.

widget2 As shown in the image above, write the title as per your liking and choose if you want just a few or lots of your supporters to be displayed.

One of the most important thing in all widget is the visibility property, choose where and when you want your widget to be seen.

Here is My Community:


Thank you!