Today we are going to a learn a very simple lesson which might help you big time with your blog. With WordPress free account like mine you are limited to do a lot of things. Maybe be not a lot but it is sometimes upsetting when you want to add some functionality to your blog and then remember that you do not have access.

What can we do with this free lunch?
Why not make the most of what you can, you have an editor which is very powerful if you know how to make the use of it.

Having Fun with css!

U can use a block like that one above

Or using a font of your choice

How about putting your tips in a frame like this

As you can see there is a lot you can do with CSS.

So What is CSS;

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used to paint your content. By painting I mean to format what you put on the web(markup language). Website were traditionally built using a markup language known as HTML.
Now, HTML is used to define the content with tags like, header, body and h1 for heading, while CSS formats that content for example our heading h1 {font-size:24px;} should have a font size of 24 pixels

To better understand how CSS works you need to have a basic knowledge of HTML.

This is a wide subject so for starters we are going to do a simple task in our editors

  • Go to your editor and make sure you have chosen the text tab, do this task on your text editor not visual editor
  • Copy the content below and change ‘Write blue text which will be indented by 100px’ to what you want to write
  •  text

Write blue text which will be indented by 100px

This is the result

Note:That is an image so you can not copy and paste in your editor

So what does that line do:

“<” p stands for paragraph so whatever written from where the word write starts to”</p>” they are all in the paragraph

style this is where we put our formating, remember CSS is the acronym for…

margin-left: forces the content of this paragraph to leave space on the left by the specified amount which is 100 pixels

color: this is color of the text, it is written just color because paragraph is mainly for text. Try a different color

font-family: It is obvious, that blue font is Lucida Console, why not try a different one like Georgia

I hope this is enough for today, you can try different things with that one line of code. The next lesson will be about basic CSS, we will learn about syntax of the language and try a different trick.

NB:  I do not advice using this kind of CSS formatting if you own a premium WordPress account or you have a personal domain. Custom CSS is what you need to be using. I will cover that as we progress