I need to connect with more people dear friends and readers, I need to expand my horizon.

This is the first Sunday if that means anything to you, if not kindly find time to read my blogging schedule . I thought of making this post more personal by writing about Mboki, I will do that but first I need to reach more people and make more friends in here.

I follow a number of blogs but considering the number of blogs out there it is like I have not started following yet. I know I can not follow everyone but I need to follow those worth following and they are a lot of them too. So to begin with I need a little help from you people to suggest for me those who you think are worth following.

My preferences are;

  • Life experiences
  • Technology
  • Website/blogging and social media
  • Travel/ Nature

I follow bloggers who blog about food or fashion not because those topics interest me much but because I follow the blogger who I respect for their content and values as civilized human beings. This is to inform you that I am not strict on who I follow, sometimes people just connect irrespective of their ideologies or hobbies we are humans after all.

To start with I will list those who have commented on my blog at least twice giving them the opportunity to be the first to give their suggestions. If it will not trouble you please mention what the blog is about.

Help needed my favorite people:

Please leave your suggestions so we can expand our little family, thank you!