In response to the post “THE BEST WE CAN DO?

I read that post (I advise you to do the same) and was moved by it. The words are common like always and we are used to hear the same stories but we do not act on them. The post is about doing our best every single time we do something not just when we are faced with tasks that we consider important. The author explains how important it is to form the habit by repetition and making sure that you are wired to do good.

What made me write this reply is the concept of habit, according to Cambridge dictionary habit is;

something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it

And best is defined as

in the most suitable, pleasing, or satisfactory way, or to the greatest degree

Doing the best can hardly be the habit because you have to do more, you have to exceed the usual, you have to force yourself to do what you have never done before. Generally speaking it is easier to say that you can make a habit of doing your best but I beg to differ.

Let us take an example of athletes or artists, these people are always under pressure to perform better than others but most importantly to better their previous achievements. I do not believe that at this point they will win just because they practiced more or they are used to winning (habit), it takes more than that.

My view is we all have to develop good habits to reach higher levels but when we get there we need to push ourselves in order to get to the elite level. I would really like to hear from experienced bloggers with big reputation how ‘easy’ it is to post regularly just because they have done it for years.

it is never easy

The author has a good point on the original post which is Consistence, whether you believe in habits or not you have to understand that without being consistent your on and offs will not get you to the glory. We need to give our all every time we are given a chance to do something, always do your best.

Thank you!