Jan 13th 2015 was the day that I posted my first post and today Friday 13 I am officially starting again. My break is over and I have to make sure that this time there are no excuses, I have to keep my promise that I am about to give here.


  • After every two weeks I will change the look of the blog without changing the theme
  • On weekdays I will be posting about WordPress and web development in general, at least three posts per week
  • Saturday will be for re-blogging or post on reply to someone else’s post
  • Sundays, random post. I will post about personal stuff or any topic including a no post

Resolution explained


From now on I will be posting what I know as of what I have experienced but the difference will be the depth of the topics. I will do research on the topic to make sure that what I post is valid and will not misguide anyone just because it worked for me.

The topics will be based on using WordPress and some basic web topics like html and CSS which can help the blogger to extend the customization. I hope to spend a lot of time on widgets and plugins so stay tuned!


This will be a must for every week. To make sure that I have time to read other bloggers’ work this post will be about my opinion as extended comment with ping-back to original post. If I am of the same opinion as the blogger then I will just re-blog.


I will go easy on this one as it will not be a must post day. I will post anything based on my mood that day, this will be my day.

I would like to give my thanks for all the encouragement and support I got from some of you, since I took a break on posting I received some very kind encouraging comments.

Special thanks to

I hope it will be fair if I leave here and head to my ‘Reader’ ready for assignment, it is Saturday tomorrow.

Thank you for being here, see you!