It is never too late

Better late than never

How about it is too early to take a break? I hope this is not the case here because I feel I need to take a break although I have a feeling that I  do not deserve it. My stats are not that impressive lets be honest but I need this break for the betterment of this blog.


The aim of this blog is to share my experiences on this journey of using WordPress, the challenges and things I think will benefit others if they will be shared. This is what made me think about the direction of this blog because I now deal with several things and WordPress does not get enough time. This does not mean I do not have time to blog but the case is I may not have enough content to publish.

Thank you dear World for the support
Thank you dear World for the support

It will not be fair  to post just for the case of it and divert from the purpose. I now understand that what is posted here will be accessible to many for a long time to come so I must be fair to my readers, I can’t just post anything because this is my blog and I can do what’ever.


I do not know for how long I will be absent what i know is when I return I will be sure where I’m heading. I’m thinking of sharing more but I need the right way to do it, more categories maybe, series of posts, more pages ? I hope for the best

see you next time!