Have you noticed how my previous posts are? They are too flat, aren’t they? Actually my time to be excused is running out the beginner label will soon change and I have to prove that I deserve to be in the upper class.

MS Office image wrap

My campaign start with images. I have posted several images but I never really took trouble to try a few tricks with them. In MS word I am used to several properties like the one shown here which is options for the image inserted. how you want your image to be displayed is up to you with all those options. so how about WordPress?

When you add media which will be an image you can do several things with it one being editing the image where you are able to change it’s size to a thumbnail, medium, large or original size. You can also add caption, description, alternative text to display when your image is not loaded without forgetting alignment.


You know this text was supposed to be right after the images, unfortunately the image on the right is right aligned so it force the text to occupy the space on it’s left.

And the other image on the left is left aligned where the text after it is placed on it’s right side. Remember the text is after the right aligned image.
That is the story about the left and right alignment. You can set the size of the image as custom as this one below which is rightcenter aligned. This way the text is forced to go below the image. I am not an artist but at least I can change how my posts look with these simple options.

NB: To edit an image click it and choose the pencil like iconedit

Thank you!