How was the weekend? Mine was longer than anticipated so forgive me for my absence but here I am.

For us beginners this is one of the topics that we must understand as far as blogging is concerned. Blogging is all about posts, the more you post the livelier is your blog. Do I need a page then? No!

Yes, you do not need a single page if all you need is to blog but I should warn you you might need some other things that will require at least one page. If you want us to take your content seriously we need to know who you are the same goes with making connections with other bloggers, it is not a law but it is recommended.


This one you are reading is a post, posts are usually arranged with the latest on top which is the default setting. You can decide to make a post sticky so that it remains as the top most. With posts we can add tags, put them in categories and use widgets as our imaginations lead us.


This is a page. Pages are static and are not arranged like posts, each page will have its own link.

Scenario I: I want to have a static page as my front page but where can I see my posts?

Now this is what happened, I changed my front page setting in customize to static page and after clicking Save & Publish swoosh….my posts disappeared. If you intend to have a static page and you want to see you posts also this is one of the ways you can do it.


Create a page which will be your homepage with the content you wish to have and then create another page you can name it blog or other name. Do not write anything or add any content in this blog page, look for page attributes on your right and choose blog as template


Done. Publish the page and add it to the menu if your theme did not add it automatically. If you posted anything before you can see your posts in your new blog page.