Many of us like to get feedback on what we have posted it is a confirmation that someone really read the content and bothered to write something about it. But is it always that way? I guess not, today I was building up a website (not blog) and I realized that all pages had a comment section. It was not practical at all because not every content needs feedback.

Can I disable the comments?

YES. It is fortunate that for every page or post you publish you can either allow or disable comments. How can i disable comments?

Let us see the ways you can do it.

  1. allow_cmt This is in advanced settings on your right when you type/post
  2. allow_c

The second image is a quick edit snapshot, in your dashboard selects posts and when your put the cursor on one of the post there is a Quick Edit option click that.

Image 1 is from the new look WordPress and image 2 is from the classic dashboard, what you need to do is to uncheck the Allow Comments.

Alright now you know how to stop us bugging you in your post that you just used as a therapy and did not want to receive any feedback from us. I had trouble disabling comments until I found that quick edit option so here I am sharing for those who might face the problem I faced today.

Thank you!