This is a continuation of Let us keep it Local: Pictorial If you missed that kindly follow the link.

Now let me explain why I am doing this; from the statistics most of my followers and viewers are from the USA so this might no be very useful but I believe there is someone somewhere who might need this information. As I mentioned in my bio the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in learning WordPress hoping that it will give me a push to continue doing what I’m doing and maybe someone might benefit from all this.

Note: What follows is based on a Windows PC

WordPress in your computer, we call it local server.

If you happen to be in a position like mine where sometimes you don’t have access to internet it is helpful especially for learning purpose to install WordPress in your computer, actually it is essential. Why is it so, with local environment (your PC) you are able to do anything you want which makes you in a better position to make many mistakes and learn from them. With your websites in you obviously can not do everything because you do not have full ownership of the server that is hosting your website.

Why not cut the story short. So what do you need

  • I hope you have a Computer already or you are using one as administrator
  • Web server software (of your choice, feel free to google) I am using XAMPP
  • Web browser of your choice
  • Basic knowledge of database tools

That will get you started now lets get to work

  1. Go to and download WordPress
  2. Extract the zip file and paste the WordPress folder in your root folder (htdocs in my case)
  3. Open your browser and write  http://localhost/wordpress
  4. Remember the first part of this tutorial? Now the screenshots will guide you from here
  5. Follow all instructions as instructed, the important thing to make sure is done right is setting up your database.
  6. Create database (I use phpMyAdmin) and use the database details to set up your WordPress environment
  7. If all details are filled as instructed you will be greeted by this
  8. dashboard
    So this is what they call dashboard

It wasn’t that hard was it?

In case you are totally new to web development some task might trouble you as installing web server software and making sure it works. Take your time to learn the basics because you will need that knowledge in the future, if that is too much; well is there for you.

Now that we have our local site setup it is time to try everything we wished to.

Thank you, let us meet next time.