So how was the first week?

It was like this..

my First week with WordPress


It wasn’t weak was it?

I did not set any target but It is clear that everybody needs an audience so to have at least one visitor per day is promising.

My purpose of starting this blog is to learn WordPress practically as a start to the new direction of using CMSs. So far I have enjoyed the experience and I can not complain or regret about the choice I made, WordPress is the right tool for me to get where I want to reach.


First day: Registering with WordPress. I got my account and got started immediately by posting my  first post. Thrilling!!!!!!!!!

Day 2: I spent this day wondering around trying to understand what everything means in dashboard,   kind of overwhelming. My second post was published too

Day 3 – 5: A little more adventurous, I took a little time reading from others to get their perspective on   different issues especially blogging and my favorite is The Daily Post. I kept posting as usual..

Day 6 – 7: Running out of steam somehow, thanks to plugins that kept me curious and gave me energy.

Week two I will post more about my experiences with my locally installed WordPress. I will start from the beginning as there are more things I have been able to practice with my local website.

Thank you for being here and before I forget this is what you have given me