plug-in (plural plug-ins)

  1. (computing) A computer program module or device that interacts with another to add a specific function, or to support a specific file format or device.

Probably many of us have heard of that word, I did and I have used several of them in my browsers. In WordPress a Plugin means the same, they extend the functionality of your website. This extend-ability is what I  want to emphasize on because it is not something to take it lightly, your site can be customized to the extent that is beyond your imagination.

How did I end up here?

I was developing a website in my locally installed WordPress (I’m there when I’m not here) and got stuck when I wanted to create a photo gallery page. The images were uploaded but they were not displayed in a way I wanted them to. I needed help to make my theme do more than it can do and I remembered what plugins are for, a little goog-ling made me choose the Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack can help you do a lot of stuff but for today what I wanted was Carousel to help me make a photo gallery.

Gallery by carousel

Mission accomplished!

Have you learned anything? I had a problem which was creating a photo gallery, you want to do something and wondering If you need to find a different theme but before reaching that conclusion try to find a plugin that can help you achieve your goals like I did with Carousel in Jetpack .

For detailed tutorial on plugin installation check these two below

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Let’s meet again next time, thank you!