Another day, a different one!
I can now say I’m starting to get comfortable with WordPress, I’ve learned a few tricks and I know my limitations. After posting three posts the blog now have a different look, a not so good look to me. Some things can only be done when the time is right like right now I do not need all my posts to be displayed in full.

Excerpt or more tag?

My choice was excerpt until I realized that it goes with the theme and mine do not allow it. I want to remind you that I am in the group of so I have no access to any configuration files and have limited customization rights. It is not a time to change the theme too so let us solve the problem by a different method.

More tag did the trick and served the purpose but only after failing to use excerpt. Maybe you are wondering what’s the difference. With excerpt the effects are within the template so it can be applied every time you post but the tag is put manually whenever you need it. I know there are other ways to do this by using plugin but let us take one step at a time.

This topic have been discussed before so I will leave you with two links to detailed tutorials

1. Customizing the Read More 

2. WordPress more tag tricks

Thank you, that is all for today.