The fun starts here…

My first day was a very busy one, you know what kept me busy.. ‘5 minutes install’  yep! Actually that’s not the whole truth, it was what followed after the installation. I will take you through the journey, I hope I don’t skip any steps.

After researching for sometime I decided that it’s about time I dirty my hands by digging in the WordPress world, to make the story short I downloaded the software here and used Professional WordPress Design and Development  book by Brad Williams, David Damstra and Hal Stern as my guide.

I have XAMPP installed in my Windows PC so i extracted the WordPress zip file and paste the folder in root directory(htdocs) and then went to my browser and wrote localhost/wordpress after which I was redirected to a page that contained the URL wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php

WordPress Install
Welcome window
Database credentials
Database Configuration

As seen above those are the screenshots of the welcome screen and the page that follows.

You need to have a database ready so that you can fill the details required which are necessary in configuring your WordPress, as for me I created a database in phpMyAdmin with the name of mysite. I let the table prefix as it is but I did that only for testing purpose because it is advised to change it for security reasons.

Bored yet….??

That is was how I installed WordPress locally but how did I end up here? should be held responsible as I could not resist clicking the Create Website button and have a chance to get a FREE blog. This process was very easy and fast that it left me wondering is that all?

In short that is how my first post was born, if you are interested in knowing the step by step details then comment down there and I will prepare a simple tutorial and give the links to other useful tutorials. this is more of a personal experience and not a pure instructional tutorial.

Thank you for your time, see you next time….