Ooh I have to write again…….

Day 2 was great, that’s it! Thanks, bye!

Owk ok let me keep my promise…this day was perfect because I was very much disappointed until I remembered I’m on a free ride. One advice I can give at this point is if you can afford it just pay that $100 – 1$ for the one year premium plan because whatever you will see here just understand that there are some things I can not do due to the limited customization that comes for FREE.

Anyways since I’m here to learn, that is exactly what I will do.

Today I did a lot of stuff, starting with refreshing the statistics page for several times….I had several views (9) very impressive. Thanks to Renard Moreau and orwell1627 for their comments, they really got me going because knowing there is someone out there reading what your putting to the world adds value to the cause. So that was the first thing today.

Next on line was customizing my blog here and there, I added a header image, played with widgets and see how visibility works in different scenarios but unfortunately as I mentioned above there were things I could not do. To me that was a blessing because i went back to my local WordPress site and tried to do what I could not do online.

Updates…that was the notification I got, I had to upgrade to version 4.1 and I couldn’t be happier to have a chance to experience that this early. The one click update (auto-update) failed and I had to download and update manually which the process is worth a post of it’s own, one thing I can tell you now is that it was successful.


Database updating

The task ended with updating database as seen above.

After that I updated plugins and themes and got myself some new pretty free themes ready to attack full equipped for this stage. Before I forget I also updated my profile so check it out in about page.

Let us end up here today, thank you!