A little make up

Have you noticed how my previous posts are? They are too flat, aren’t they? Actually my time to be excused is running out the beginner label will soon change and I have to prove that I deserve to be in the upper class.

Posts Vs. Pages

How was the weekend? Mine was longer than anticipated so forgive me for my absence but here I am. For us beginners this is one of the topics that we must understand as far as blogging is concerned. Blogging is all about posts, the more you post the livelier is your blog. Do I need … More Posts Vs. Pages

How about comments?

Many of us like to get feedback on what we have posted it is a confirmation that someone really read the content and bothered to write something about it. But is it always that way? I guess not, today I was building up a website (not blog) and I realized that all pages had a comment … More How about comments?

Part II: Let us keep it local/ WordPress in local machine

This is a continuation of Let us keep it Local: Pictorial If you missed that kindly follow the link. Now let me explain why I am doing this; from the statistics most of my followers and viewers are from the USA so this might no be very useful but I believe there is someone somewhere who might … More Part II: Let us keep it local/ WordPress in local machine

Time to Plug-in

plug-in (plural plug-ins) (computing) A computer program module or device that interacts with another to add a specific function, or to support a specific file format or device. Probably many of us have heard of that word, I did and I have used several of them in my browsers. In WordPress a Plugin means the … More Time to Plug-in